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Where we can help

  • Risk Assessment Predictions

  • Sales Forecast

  • Visual (Image) AI

  • Geo-Spatial (Location) AI

  • Impact Analysis

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Data Cleansing and Preparation

  • Data Analytics

  • Automatic Database Upload/Download

  • Machine Learning (AI) Implementation

  • Smartsheet API Interface

Data Visualization

  • Visualization Dashboards

  • Geo-Analytics

  • Word Clouds

  • Interactive Graphs

Products and Services

Automated Data Preparation and Processing


Automated Data Processing


Data Preparation


Big Data Processing


Multi-Source Data Processing


Database Services

Any data, any source, any size. 99% of all data related processes can be automated. 

  • UnwindAI is a consultancy that specialises on data process automation using the latest and most efficient tools making us one of the most cost competitive business in Australia in a high demand sector 'Digital Transformation'.

  • UnwindAI has successfully saved thousands of man-hours replacing manual data processing tasks such as retrieval, preparation, transformation or processing with simple spreadsheets by implementing scheduled workflows that automatically prepare, process and transfer data to any given destination.

Automated Analytics and Insights


Machine Learning


Visualisation Dashboards


Geo-Spatial Analytics


Statistical Data Analysis

Let the machines do the time consuming work and deliver the latest insights at any desired frequency. 

  • UnwindAI is one of the market leaders for machine learning development using the latest technologies and AutoML platforms that enable fully automated and integrated machine learning projects within less than 2 weeks development time

  • UnwindAI has the technologies to use machine learning to analyse raw text (eg. categorisation/sentiment based on customer feedback), deliver predictions based on images or geography (eg. real estate price, MRI analysis) or project demand over time (eg. sales forecast)

Project Management and Reporting


Smartsheet API Connectors


Automated Reporting




Automated Notifcations

Stand out as an innovator with state of the art project management.

  • UnwindAI develops project management setups with a focus on collaboration efficiency. From project financials to gant charts, everything in one place following the same project templates for every project

  • UnwindAI is one of the market leaders for Smartsheet API developments in combination with data automation platforms such as Alteryx and Python driving additional efficiencies for data uploads/downloads, project summaries or multiplications of workspaces or folders

  • UnwindAI has reduced the time spent on reports for multiple business by automatically generating reports inclinding key metrics, images or maps


Digital Transformation Highlights

Rapid Machine Learning Development

Machine Learning (AI) has never been quicker and easier. New platforms like DataRobot have reduced the algorithm development time by more than 85%.

Automated Data Processing

Data processing can reduce manual labor hours by 99%. Powerful software such as Alteryx can transform and process data in every imaginable way. Established workflows will help to automate cumbersome data transformations and time consuming manual processing.

Data Management

Managing data, projects and tasks  has become increasingly difficult. Smartsheet has proven itself as an excellent platform that automates the communication of tasks, project status and much more.


Geo-Analytics have become a key technique to display trends, patterns and hot-spots and can instantly let the audience know 'where' to focus on.

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