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Unlock Efficiency Through Data Process Automation:
Our client-focused approach empowers businesses to streamline operations and drive efficiency through tailored data process automation solutions.

Founded in 2019 by Thomas Taresch, an accomplished engineer and data scientist, UnwyndAI specializes in automation and data-driven solutions. With degrees in engineering and data science, as well as certifications including Alteryx Advanced, Smartsheet, Datarobot, PowerBI, and Tableau, Thomas brings a wealth of expertise to the company.

At UnwyndAI, we adhere to the philosophy of 'automate everything.' Our consultants excel in a wide range of services, from simple data analytics and visualization dashboards to complex API integrations and machine learning processes.

We partner with clients to identify opportunities by closely analyzing pain points that impede workflow efficiency or hinder quick decision-making. Our tailored solutions aim to significantly reduce manual workload and enhance decision-making capabilities, enabling our clients to achieve their business goals effectively.

Proudly Australian-Owned Business: Trusted Local Solutions Since 2019

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