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Unlocking Insights, Accelerating Decisions:
Data Automation, Machine Learning, Visual Excellence

Products and Services

Data Processing + Storage

We specialise in data automation using Alteryx + Alteryx Server, Python, and SQL. Our team is dedicated to maximizing efficiency in data flows and optimizing business intelligence extraction. We also provide storage solutions in Snowflake, AWS, or MySQL.

Home Automation

We're committed to supporting's Carbon Emission Net Zero goal by 2050 through our innovative solar power solutions. Our latest product uses a combination of API communication and machine learning to automate electric heating devices, reducing natural gas consumption by up to 60%. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to reduce your powerbill and the carbon footprint of your household.

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Dashboards and Reports

We tackle business intelligence by providing clear strategies and objectives to optimize decision making across organizations. Our expertise in Tableau, PowerBI, and Smartsheet covers everything from small to large datasets.

Quality Management

Our 6Sigma certified consultants come with 15 years of experience in managing, analyzing, and automating consumer and manufacturing data. We provide solutions that incorporate machine learning, such as 'customer feedback' text analysis through Natural Language Processing, to accerlerate problem resolution and decision-making based on extracted intelligence.

Machine Learning

Since the release of ChatGPT, AI and Machine Learning have gained significant public interest. At our company, we specialize in rapid Machine Learning development using Datarobot and ChatGPT integration for optimal predictions. Our expertise in this exciting field can help your business stay ahead of the curve.

Project Management

Utilizing Smartsheet alongside the Smartsheet API has emerged as a highly effective solution for fostering seamless collaboration, streamlined communication, and meticulous project tracking. Our expertise extends to both utilizing Smartsheet as a premier project management platform and harnessing the power of its API to automate various functionalities, including sharing, data extraction/entry, cell linking, and workspace configuration

Solar Panels

Solar Power Optimiser*

Our innovative home system leverages state-of-the-art technology to facilitate seamless communication among household devices, maximizing the utilization of solar power generated specifically for your residence.

Solar Power

Real-Time Monitoring of Household Solar Power Production

Our backend system monitors household solar power production in real-time, tracking both consumption and surplus energy flowing into the grid. The overall efficiency can be increased by integrating a home battery for optimised energy management.

Data Transfer

Solar Inverter Data Transfer

Solar inverter data is transferred to our backend system for comprehensive analysis of energy consumption and surplus production.

Data Analysis

Our Advanced Program Utilises Machine Learning to Analyse Inverter Data

Based on sophisticated algorithms, our program analyses inverter data in real-time, incorporating machine learning to forecast solar energy generation based on dynamic weather conditions.

Device Communication

Automated Heating/Cooling Control

Our analysis triggers electric heating/cooling devices to automatically turn on/off, maintaining a constant temperature by using surplus solar energy. This reduces reliance on gas-powered heating systems.

Constant Temperature

Maintaining Constant Household Temperature

 Consistently regulating household temperature plays a key role in minimizing overall power consumption and enhancing energy efficiency.

*Planned release in Q3 2024. More info to follow soon.

Client Portfolio

Data Processing

Alteryx Server Setup and Alteryx ETL Workflows

  • Alteryx Server Implementation, Roll-Out, and Administration

  • Development of 50+ Alteryx ETL Workflows

  • Integration of Alteryx Server with AWS S3 and Airflow via API for Seamless Data Management

  • Alteryx/Snowflake Bulk Loader Setup

  • Comprehensive Data Platform Development Support, Including Alteryx Integration

All Hands In

Smartsheet Project Management Platform

  • Creation of Master Template for Efficient Project Management and Collaboration at Deakin University

  • Customized Template for Streamlined Data Collection, Project Plans, Gantt Charts, and Budget Management

  • Dashboard Development for Real-Time Project Status Updates and Financial Tracking

  • Alteryx Workflow Development to Process Budget and Gantt Data from 50+ Industry Partners

Soccer Match

Smartsheet Schedule Automation

  • Efficient Sports Event Scheduling: Live Refresh and Consolidation of Multiple Event Schedules

  • Automated Archiving of Past Sports Events for Streamlined Data Management

  • Continuous System Maintenance and Support for Workspace Sharing and Access Management

Chart analysis

Survey Data Processing and Storage

  • Daily Data Extraction from MySQL for Advanced Processing in Alteryx Workflow with Machine Learning Integration via Datarobot

  • Efficient Data Upload and Storage to Smartsheet Using API Integration

  • Custom PowerBI Dashboard Development and Ongoing Maintenance for Public Reporting on Respondent Surveys

Business Meeting

Cutting costs with Data Automation

Our core value is to deliver highly efficient and intelligent solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of our clients.

Specialist Network

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Efficient Solutions: Our core value lies in delivering highly intelligent solutions that drive the digital transformation journey for our clients.

Latest Technologies

Unlock the Potential of Data Science: Join one of the fastest-growing industry sectors with our team of experts, armed with the latest software and knowledge to propel your processes to new heights.

Passion 4 Analytics

Unlock Success with Analytics, Machine Learning, and Digital Transformation: Our key to success lies in our unwavering passion for analytics, machine learning, innovative technologies, and driving digital transformation

Industry Experience

With up to 25 years of experience spanning small to large organizations, our experts understand the crucial roadblocks and challenges inherent in digital transformation, laying the groundwork for effective solutions.

Efficiency Mindset

Our primary objective is to drive efficiencies. We specialize in proposing the most efficient methods of data automation and visualization, guaranteeing the highest possible ROI for our clients.

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